Green Tea May Boost Your Working Memory…

 Aside from pure water, green tea is arguably one of the healthiest beverages around, with research pointing to impressive health benefits for your heart, bones, weight, vision, and even your brain.
Tea comes from the evergreen plant called Camellia sinensis. It’s the processing that gives it its color and taste. For green tea, the leaves are unoxidized (not exposed to oxygen), and this minimal processing may help to keep the beneficial antioxidants intact.
If you’re interested in improving your health, and specifically your brain health, green tea is definitely worth considering.

Green Tea Boosts Brain Health


In a new study of 12 healthy volunteers, those who received a beverage containing 27.5 grams of green tea extract showed increased connectivity between the parietal and frontal cortex of the brain compared to those who drank a non-green tea beverage.1
The increased activity was correlated with improved performance on working memory tasks, and the researchers believe the results suggest green tea may be useful for treating cognitive impairments, including dementia. According to the study authors:2
Our findings provide first evidence for the putative beneficial effect of green tea on cognitive functioning, in particular, on working memory processing at the neural system level by suggesting changes in short-term plasticity of parieto-frontal brain connections.
Modeling effective connectivity among frontal and parietal brain regions during working memory processing might help to assess the efficacy of green tea for the treatment of cognitive impairments in psychiatric disorders such as dementia.”
In this case, the researchers also suggested that the effects might have been strengthened if the volunteers had consumed a pure green tea extract, as opposed to a green tea-fortified beverage. And that is one of the great things about tea – if you don’t enjoy it as a beverage (or if you only drink it on occasion), you can still get the health benefits by consuming it in supplemental extract form.

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Green tea helps stop breast cancer in its tracks; New studies…

People around the world enjoy green tea as their favorite beverage. In fact, it’s the drink of choice only after water. Used for centuries in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, green tea was used as an astringent, stimulant, and diuretic.

Other traditional practices used green tea for stomach ailments, regulating blood sugar, and improving mental acuity. In addition, recently studies have been conducted on green tea – showing that this popular beverage is extremely beneficial for a variety of conditions including diabetes, inflammatory conditions, and cancer – especially breast cancer.
The numbers speak for themselves: It’s time for a ‘new’ attitude about cancer

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Green Tea – even a few cups a day is healthy…

There is a misconception that it takes pot upon pot of green tea to add up to any significant benefits. In reality, much of the research on green tea has been based on about three cups daily, which is easily attainable for most people. A cup of green tea will give you anywhere from 20-35 mg of EGCG, so three in a day will supply you with 60-105 mg.
There are some studies that have used much higher doses than this — upwards of 1,500 mg a day — but as of now there’s clear-cut evidence of exactly how much is best.
If you’re new to tea brewing, you’ll discover it’s a bit of an art, just like brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Many enjoy using loose tea leaves, which found may offer even more antioxidants (while also avoiding potential toxicants in tea bags). Once you find your “sweet spot” you may never go back to bagged tea again. Here are a few simple guidelines for making the “perfect” cup of tea:
  • Bring water to a boil in a tea kettle (avoid using a non-stick pot, as this can release harmful chemicals when heated).
  • Preheat your teapot or cup to prevent the water from cooling too quickly when transferred. Simply add a small amount of boiling water to the pot or tea up that you’re going to steep the tea in. Ceramic and porcelain retain heat well. Then cover the pot or cup with a lid. Add a tea cozy if you have one, or drape with a towel. Let stand until warm, then pour out the water.
  • Put the tea into an infuser, strainer, or add loose into the tea pot. Steeping without an infuser or strainer will produce a more flavorful tea. Start with one heaped teaspoon per cup of tea, or follow the instructions on the tea package. The robustness of the flavor can be tweaked by using more or less tea.
  • Add boiling water. Use the correct amount for the amount of tea you added (i.e. for four teaspoons of tea, add four cups of water). The ideal water temperature varies based on the type of tea being steeped:
    • White or green teas (full leaf): Well below boiling (170-185°F or 76-85°C). Once the water has been brought to a boil, remove from heat and let the water cool for about 30 seconds for white tea and 60 seconds for green tea before pouring it over the leaves

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Green Tea Catechins and Theanine May Ward Off Influenza Infection

Experimental studies have revealed that green tea catechins and theanine prevent influenza infection, while the clinical evidence has been inconclusive. Keiji Matsumoto, of the Department of Drug Evaluation & Informatics at the University of Shizuoka in Japan, and colleagues undertook a study to determine whether taking green tea catechins and theanine can clinically prevent influenza infection.

The researchers conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 200 healthcare workers for five months from Nov. 9, 2009 through April 8, 2010 in three healthcare facilities for the elderly in Higashimurayama, Japan. The catechin/theanine group received capsules including green tea catechins (378 mg/day) and theanine (210 mg/day). The control group received placebo. The primary outcome was the incidence of clinically defined influenza infection. Secondary outcomes were laboratory-confirmed influenza with viral antigen measured by immunochromatographic assay and the time for which the patient was free from clinically defined influenza infection, meaning the period between the start of intervention and the first diagnosis of influenza infection, based on clinically defined influenza infection.

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Green Tea Extract Benefits for Cancer: Can Antioxidants Help Combat Cancer?

Green tea is being studied by the medical community to determine its impact on fighting cancer, with initial studies finding that extracts from the tea may slow cancer growth.

The American Institute for Cancer Research said studies have shown that antioxidants in green tea, including polyphenols and flavonoids, and specifically a type of flavonoid called catechins, may be cancer-fighting agents.

Laboratory studies found that green tea, which has three time the catechins as black tea, slowed or prevented cancer development in several types of cancer, including liver, breast and colon cancer, AICR said. Those studies have not been replicated outside the laboratory, but additional research is being done.

Another possible cancer-fighting component of green tea is epigallocatechin gallate, abbreviated EGCG. A 2014 study found that EGCG changed the metabolism of pancreatic cancer cells.

“The study is significant because there is a widely held belief among scientists that to treat cancer you have to use molecular mechanisms. Now there is a new possibility — change the metabolic system,” Medical News Today said.

“By explaining how green tea’s active component could prevent cancer, this study will open the door to a whole new area of cancer research and help us understand how other foods can prevent cancer or slow the growth of cancerous cells,” the study’s researcher Dr. Wai-Nang Lee told Medical News.

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Seven Amazing Benefits Of Green Tea…

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How Much Green Tea to Drink to Lose Weight….

Studies have shown that green tea’s active component called “epigallocatechin gallate” or EGCG to be very beneficial in treating cancers of the brain, prostate, cervix, and bladder. This magical antioxidant has also proven therapeutic for diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, sjogren’s syndrome, endometriosis, spinal muscular atrophy, neurodegeneration, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It can even help with weight loss.

Research has shown that ECGC may:

  • increase metabolism and fat oxidation
  • inhibit fat cell development
  • increase the excretion of fat

Now you’re probably wondering how much green tea you should drink in order to get enough ECGC to lose weight. Below you will find the benefits for one, two, and three cups of green tea per day.

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